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Pikathom Herbal Soap Khamin Oi - Khamin Chan (95gm)


  • 95.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand

Pikathom, Khamin Oi - Khamin Chan soap bar is dedicated formula for deep cleaning bath. Soft and smooth bubble touch will make your skin clean and easy to be wash away.

It consists of Vit E, Glycerin and 100% honey milk for nourishing your skin. With two special kind of herbs make our soap bar has unique aromatherapy scent.

Having curuminoids and antioxidant will prevent you from wrinkle, itchy and rash. It reduces dark spots and skin problems effected from pollution,

our herbs bar soap leaves your skin soft, clean &clear with healthier color skin by naturally.

Ingredients :

Coconut oil, Rice Germ oil, Olive oil, Castor oil, Palm kernel oil, Honey, NaOH, Khamin Oi, Khamin Chan

Pikathom is not just the soap herbs for deep cleansing but its properties is combine good value  and benefits directly to your skin. Reduce many skin symptoms occur from various factors.

We emphasis the naturally production; Clod process that not use heat but we incubate soap for at least 45 days to make the reaction slowly happened perfectly to get a perfect bended herbs soap.

No additive. Color and scent come from herbs itself.

Suggestion for worth using

  • Don’t throw the last tiny piece of soap, you can patch it to the new soap bar as our product has no wax so you can use it till lasts.
  • Herb soap has soft texture than industrial soap, should place it in dry place for longer use.
  • Every piece of soap and every lot of production can bring the color vary due to it is handmade but surly we keep the quality.
  • Yellow/brown color dots spread in the soap skin is the color of real honey milk as being the main ingredient.

** Tips to get the most satisfaction is to use every herbs soap alternately and continuously.

With unique herbal properties will generate you the smooth, healthy and naturally color skin.

How To Use

Use for bathing for deep cleansing and you will feel after first use.

Try to use your fingers to gentle rubbing on your back, angle and other parts to dissolve the stain and dust residue away.

** (For dry skin, apply some lotion or oil after bath)


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