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Try Me Crispy Mango Snack (40gm)

Try Me Crispy Mango Snack (40gm)

Try Me Snack

  • 45.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand

Our Secret  Our crispy mango chips made from well selected kaew-kamin mango, which has its own unique taste; tangy sweetness. That’s why everyone loves our crispy mango taste. “Try Me, you ll love me.!

We carefully select fresh and quality fruits right from the best plantations and farms to produce your favorite Try Me Crispy Fruit Snack via safe and hygienic process with high standard vacuum fried technology.
Vacuum fried food processing is suitable for fruits and vegetables with high quantity of liquid and sugar. This process requires closed system frying technique using cooking oil as a medium to transfer heat at the degree below 100° Celsius. The heat will boil up and evaporate liquid inside the fruits which results in the decrease in moistness, the snacks will be crispy outside, but soft inside without making any hard shells.

Vacuum frying technique will leave the snacks with less cooking oil and will preserve dietary value, nutrition, better color, smell of the snacks than ordinary deep frying method which also helps prevent the oil from going bad. 
Our raw materials are 100% natural without monosodium glutamate (MSG), no preservatives added, so you can be sure that every bite of your premium Try Me Crispy Fruit Snack is genuinely tasty, safe and second to none.

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