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Try Me Crispy Taro Snack Original Flavor (45gm)

Try Me Snack

  • 45.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand
We carefully select fresh and quality fruits right from the best plantations and farms to produce your favorite Try Me Crispy Fruit Snack via safe and hygienic process with high standard deep fried technology.

Distinctive point of Try Me Crispy Taro Snack is a very thin slicing technique so that each slice will spend the least amount of frying time. After that, it will go through spinning process to drain excessive oil before baking for over 8 hours to drain out moisture and oil to guarantee nutritious safety. We use cooking oil that is suitable for deep frying, most importantly; we singly use the oil to fry

Our raw materials are 100% natural without MSG, no preservatives added and any other synthetic substances so you can be certain with every bite you take. Try Me Crispy Taro Snack is crispy, tasty, safe, and enjoyable. It never goes stale when it’s kept long. Try it today, you’re gonna love it all the way!

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