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Bioveggie Gummy V Veggie Gummy Mixed Vegetables & Vitamin C (120g)


  • 250.00 ฿

Country Produced : Thailand

Gummy V Veggie Gummy Mixed Vegetables with High Vitamin C 

Orange flavored 

Bioveggie Gummy V contains vegetables 

1. carrot

2. pumpkin

3. tomato

4. celery

5. beetroot. 

Gummy V also contain fiber and high vitamin C, very suitable for both children and adult. Natural color and no preservatives.


Chew before swallowing 6-8 pcs per day.


1. mixed veggie powder

1) carrot

2) pumpkin

3) tomato

4) celery

5) beetroot. 

2. Halal gelatin

3. sugar

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