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Cactii Care Gentle Sanitizer Spray (15ml)

Cactii Care Gentle Sanitizer Spray (15ml)

Cactii Care

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Country Produced : Thai

Cactii care, the Gentle Hand Sanitizer Spray, our innovation of waterless and alcohol free hand cleansing reducing the accumulation of germs and bacteria. With organic cactus extract, it will leave smooth and soft skin along with aroma pleasing scent.
The Cactii Care will consist of several natural extracts such as ;
- Green Tea Extract and its Terpenoid will help for anti-inflammatory, fungi and bacteria.
- Lemon Extract, will help reduce for skin bacteria.
- Orange peel will disinfect for bacteria, fungi and yeast.
- Cactus Extract with Certified Organic Cactus will help protect for free radical formation and nourish skin texture.


Spray all over the palm Rub, Clean and let dry.


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