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Mala Refreshing organic Treatment Eucalyptus (200ml)

Mala Refreshing organic Treatment Eucalyptus (200ml)


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Country Produced : Thailand

Natural hair treatment, Cold pressed virgin coconut oil helps in protecting the hair strands against damage and increase the hair volume. Zingiber officinale has been traditionally used to check hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Citrus hystrix can slow the onset of male pattern baldness and strengthen the follicles of the hair. This also moisturizes the skin to prevent dandruff and improves the appearance and shine.

How to Use

Apply after shampooing leave on for 5 Minutes before washing out


Kaffir lime cold pressed oil,  Extra ViRgin Ginger  cold pressed Oil, Virgin Coconut cold pressed  Oil, Olive  cold pressed Oil, Vitamin B6

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