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Mala Shower Gel Signature Blend (300ml)

Mala Shower Gel Signature Blend (300ml)


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Country Produced : Thailand

Let our 100% natural formula soak you in the realm of refreshment.

We carefully combine Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and concentrated extracts to create soft, natural foam that will refresh your skin. You will feel moisturized from the very first use, feel relaxed by the smell of Aromatic Aromatherapy and feel safe for there is absolutely no chemical. Sulfate-free, Sodium Hydrosulfite-free, dessicant-free, Triclocarban-free, animal oil-free, Paraben-free and stabilizer-free. Lavender may help combat bacteria on the skin that causes blemishes. Ylang ylang encourages relaxation

How to Use

Pour directly onto a bath sponge and lather. Enjoy your lavender & Ylan Ylan with other speical blend experience

Other ingredients are; Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Chamomile Extracts, Honey, Aloe Vera, chemical-free soap, natural Glycerin, 

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