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Monteida Olive oil Pure (3 Liter)


  • 690.00 ฿

Country Produced : Turkey

Monte Ida is a taste unique to Ayvalık, which is achieved at special geography, in an ideal climate and fertile soil, blended with contemporary harvest understanding and hygienic pressing methods… It is a unique palatal delight with its aroma, odour, colour, texture and of course its taste.  
    Olives are collected from very special centuries-old olive trees of the Ayvalık region which renew themselves through time… First, they are harvested under continuous hygienic conditions and with the latest technologies without falling on the soil or touching the ground… Later on, olives are transported to the factory without wasting any time and pressed with the same meticulous process thus obtaining the olive oil, which we provide to you with confidence and pride.
  Suitable for dressing, dipping, cooking, and frying

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