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Natural Trendies Lotus Petal Herbal Tea 10 Teabags (20g)

Natural Trendies

  • 190.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand

Lotus tea Queen of water The lotus flower has a scientific name. Nymphaea lotus Linn is a biennial aquatic plant. The rhizome is a flow or a single leaf. Growing from the trunk The lotus flower is named "The Queen of Water" likes clean water. It can rise in fresh water well throughout the year.

The lotus that grows in Thailand comes from 3 genera.

- Bualuang Lotus

- Bua Bua or Bua Waterlily

- Victoria Bua Victoria


Gaysorn Bua helps nourish the heart. Help expand the blood vessels. Helps prevent abnormal heartbeats. Helps to relieve insomnia.

How to use

1 pack of lotus tea in hot water soaked for 2-3 minutes. Drink while warm.

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