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Suan Chewan Cold Pressed Coconut Oil ( 21 gm/ 30 Capsules)

Suan Chewan

  • 490.00 ฿

Country Produced : Thailand

Our product made from premium quality organic coconut oil. We use cold pressed process. It is suitable for vegan and vegetarian.


1.Improve bone health

2.Help in easy digestion

3.Strengthens immune system

4.Prevents and effectively cures candida

5.Treats pancreatitis and alzheimer's disease

6.Reduces protein loss in hair and nourishes the hair

7.Effective in healing damaged tissues and infections

8.Prevents wrinkles, sagging skin, skin dryness and flaking

9.Rich in lauric acid that helps maintain blood sugar and cholesterol

Consume 1-2 capsules after meal per day.

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