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Taris Extra Virgin Olive Oil Max.Acid.0.8% Bellolio Glass Bottle (2x500ml)

Taris Extra Virgin Olive Oil Max.Acid.0.8% Bellolio Glass Bottle (2x500ml)


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Taris Extra Virgin Olive Oil Max.Acid.0.8% Bellolio Glass Bottle (2x500ml)

Country Produced : Turkey

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml GlsBlt .Max. Acidity 0.8 % 

Special Selection ,TARIS Extra Virgin Olive Oil Max.Acidity 0.8% and Winning Award + Years.The Special Olive Oil ,its utmost quality and aroma is obtained from the selected fruits of the olive trees, which grown at the slopes of " MOUNT IDA " irrigated by fresh spring waters and oxygen enriched by the misty Aegean Sea breeze.

TARIS Olive Oil is the only Turkish olive oil that is accredited and certified by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC)
 TARIS Olive Oil is olives from the Aegean region and the Agricultural Sale Cooperatives.Consists of 30 cooperatives in the cities AydinBalikesirCanakkale, Izmir, Manisa and Mugla.
From cultivation to the use of by products, TARIS has a highly organized structure.  At all levels of operative is the largest establishment in the sector. Owned by 28,000 producer-partners, it owns and operates 30  modern continuous- system milling facilities, 14 olive brining plants, manufacturing facilities and research and development departments.  At the laboratory that has been accredited by ISO9000 and ISO9002 International Olive Oil Certification and is one of the 15 members of the olive oil control project worldwide International Olive Oil Council (IOOC)
TARIS Olive Oil will conduct analysis every time produced and exported by the Laboratory accredited by International Olive Oil Council (IOOC) to meet the standard of quality control of the olive oil. 
 TARIS olive oil is the Aegean region olives or known as the Riviera of olive tree. The Aegean coast, this area is known for producing the best quality olives around the world.  With the best landscape, the most beautiful sky in the world
The North Aegean Region is one of the highest concentrations of olive oil for the Edremit region, which is a result of this oily climate with the fresh scent of fruits and grass along with the flavor, exquisite, slightly bitter and temporal at the tip of the tongue is the nature of this type of oil

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