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alls Matcha Green Tea Soy Beverage Powder (240g)


  • 250.00 ฿

Country Poduced : Thailand

1) A good source of high-quality plant protein and natural source of vitamins
2) Using Stevia Instead of Sugar
3) Dairy Free for people with cow’s milk allergy
4) 100% Matcha green tea
5) No coloring, No Artificial Flavor
6) Easy to drink
7) Easy to make with hot, cold and blend menu
8) Tasty

How to Use

1) Pour soy powder into the cup
2) Preparing hot : Mix with 180 ml room temperature or hot water and stir well before serve.
3) Preparing cold : Mix with 150 ml room temperature water and stir well. Add ice before serve or bland with ice for soy smoothies.


1) Soy milk powder 93.95%
2) Matcha powder 6%
3) Steviol glycosides and Maltitol

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