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Bella Luna Hair Serum (50ml)

Bella Luna Hair Serum (50ml)

Bella Luna

  • 1,200.00 ฿

Country Produced : Thailand

“Special dedication from the new mother to study natural-product for her son. She makes sure that the product is 100% safe for her son by testing the product to herself before using it with her son. The outcome was found to be extraordinary and she would like to share a skin-friendly product to other people. This product isn’t only for our children, but for everyone, especially the mothers.”

“Bald head and hair loss is the problem that lowered your confidence and the best solution for that is Bella Luna Hair Serum. This product was designed and tested more than 730 days to assure that it will not cause any irritation. Mother can be used safely for both herself and her baby. Bella Luna Hair Serum is full of natural component especially extracts of Butterfly pea (Clitoriaternatea L.) and basil (OcimumBasilicum Linn.), which has special function to stimulate hair growth. There is no chemical content such as minoxidil, which are commonly uses nowadays.”                                                                 

How to use:

1. Product can be applied to both dry and wet hairs

2. Apply the product to the tip of the fingers

3. Massage the base or the area that needs solving.


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