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BigBee Multiflora 100% Raw Honey (600gm)


  • 350.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand

This multiflora honey is a honey from various flowers, collected from mountains of Northern Thailand.

It gives typical taste of the flora nectar which the bee collects, Siam weed, cosmos, wild lychee and etc. This wild honey has good consistency of texture, it seldom crystalize.

Recommendation of usage:

  • Sore throat:

Take one spoon of honey hold it for few minutes. Take a few times a day or, drink honey water in the morning and evening regularly.

  •  Wound / or Burns:

Apply honey to wounded area for treating inflammation and avoiding scar.

  •  Lose of voice/ Hot and dry throat:

Take honey with lemon juice.

  •  Insomnia or Neurasthenia:

Drink honey with warm water, drink before bedtime.

  • Constipation and intestinal disorder:

Drink honey with warm water.      

Shelf life: 3 years

Store in room temperature


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