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Deva Organic Body Wash Japanese Rice Extract (275ml)

Deva Organic Body Wash Japanese Rice Extract (275ml)


  • 550.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand

We choose the best type of japanese rice and high quality milk.

Through many processes base on the ancient Zen culture which resulted in DEVA facial and skincare that is made from japanese rice extract and various organic ingredients.

Enriched with nutrients from nagano's japanese rice extract, Rice bran oil and high-quality milk. Especially corn and coconut enzyme is added to nourish the skin without any chemicals.

Corn & Coconut Enzyme

By its similar structure to the natural skin lipid, coconut acts as a barrier protecting skin from pollutions and storing essential water in the skin.

Nagano Rice Extract

Enriched with vitamins,minerals and lipid, especially vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol, Nagano rice extract helps brighten the skin and fade away wrinkles.

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