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EcoClean Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner (1.5g x 20pkg)


  • 180.00 ฿

Country Produced : Korea

Product Description:

-100% natural material 
Eco Clean's raw material is calcium powder from 100% domestic 
natural material 
- 100% physical construction 
Eco Clean goes through no-chemical process, and is a food additive. 
(it passed FDA safety test successfully) 
- Removal of pesticide 
By brownian movement of Ca++ and hydrolysis of OH, it removes remained
pesticide, preservative, coloring. 
- 99.9% eco-friendly sterilization 
With non-toxic OH action, it exterminates bacteria endangering family health in an instant or a short period of time.
- Increase of shelf-life
With anti-bacteria coating action of Ca++,the freshness of food ingredients increases greatly. And it makes the food much tastier.

How to Use: 
1. Put Eco clean (1.5g) into 2-3L of normal water and mix it well.
2. Place food such as fruits/ vegetables in the mixed solution for 3-10 minutes. 
3. Harmful substances such as remained pesticide will be removed. 
4a. If you wish to eat right away. Clean the food with running water once. 
4b. If you wish to store it. Take out the food and store it right away.

Ingredients / Recipe:

100% Natural Oyster Shell

*High Ion Activation, Non-Toxic, Wide Applications (Sterilization, Natural Preservative, Neutralize Acid,

*Since it indicates strong indicates strong alkalinity(>pH12.6),it restrains hyperplasia of harm bacteria

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