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BUY 1 FREE 1 Green Vegan Purest Shampoo (2 x 240ml)

Green Vegan

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Country produced: Thailand

Residual chemicals left on your scalp is perpetually harmful, the thin film can clog pores and prevent new hair growth. Switching to use all natural shampoo without chemicals can slowly cleanse pores on your scalp from toxins so new hair can regrow and also getting rid of hair problems such as hair falling and baldness.

Green Vegan Purest Shampoo is a gentle hair shampoo made without fragrances, infused with beneficial ginseng extract and organic olive oil for moisturizer.
This shampoo will help to nourish your scalp while adding volume  and shine for healthy looking hair naturally.

Moisturizing shampoo rich in antioxidants and beneficial in providing hair nutrients


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