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Green Vegan Organic Mushroom Snack with Japanese Pumpkin and Perilla Seeds (50gm)

Green Vegan

  • 79.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand

Green Vegan has all the perfect ingredients as nature intended:  they are vegetarian and vegan friendly, contain no animal products, preservative-free, never tested on animals, and good for environment.

Clean, delicious and compassionate snacks!!

Green Vegan: crunchy healthy snacks packed with plant-based nutrients from rice, mushrooms and vegetables.

Carefully select grade-A certified organic ingredients.

Gluten-free products, crafted in accordance with the Thai Food and Drug Administration.

The delicious flavors come from all fresh natural organic ingredients, no MSG, no artificial flavors, colors or sugar added.  Green Vegan helps protect our environment directly and indirectly from the beginning to the end of our process.

We don't use any chemical additives or fertilizers in our food to help protect our eco system.

Green Vegan snacks helps support our grassroots co-op farmers and agriculture, no import ingredients.

Green Vegan Snacks: organic quality for health conscious people.




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