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Luxes Body Serum Anti Cellulite (200ml)


  • 5,400.00 ฿

Country Produced : Switzerland

This innovative multi-functional body care product that significantly shapes, firms and smooths the body contours especially in the area of stomach, thighs, buttocks and hips. Results occur after 4-6 weeks of application. Caffeine and the Pro Slim FP3 Complex consisting of 9 high potency botanical extracts. monimise the appearance of orange peel skin, reduce the circumference and tighten skin around the treated areas and activate the skin's detoxification by supporting and stimulating the skin's own cell metabolism. Furthemore it increases the elasticity and firmness


INTENSIVE PHASE: (first 3-5 days) Apply twice consecutively AM  and PM on the problem zones. MAINTENANCE PHASE: Apply AM and PM on yhe problem zones.


aqua,glycerin,prunus amygdaalus, dulcis oil,vitis vinifera seed oil, caffein,butyrospermum parkii, carbomer cannaga odorata, flower oil,mentha piperita oil

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