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Madi Kombucha Vinegar Winter Tea (100ml)

Madi Kombucha

  • 59.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand

Kombucha or fermented tea isn't a new thing! It was the beverage that has been consumed in China for over thousands years and spread all over the world. Kombucha isn't only a refreshing beverage, but also revives the body. It is made from sugared black or green tea, with probiotic yeasts and bacteria producing organic acids, various vitamins and antioxidants. The beverage has been used by alternative medicine in China and Eastern Europe to assist in patients' recovery and cure a variety of ailments. 

The health benefits of kombucha is supported by a wealth of research and scientific data. Benefits have been reported by testimony of users in different conditions. These benefits include lowering cholestorol, blood pressure and inflammation, reducing migraine and fatigue, acts as a laxative, help improving digestion and liver function and removal of toxicity from the body.

Winter Tea is made, employing the skills, knowledge and practice of expert fermented tea makers. Oolong tea grows slowly and naturally in the warm winter weather of Thailand and its quality, both in taste and aroma cannot be surpassed by other seasonal Oolong tea.


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