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Maemalai Dried Mackerel With Finest Herbs Spicy Basil (100g)


  • 180.00 ฿

Country Produced : Thailand

Dried Mackerel With Finest Herbs Basil Spicy Real Platoos 100%(Mackerel)


Mackerel 95% Garlic 1% Red Chili 1% Basil 1% Galanga 0.5% Lemon Grass 0.5% Sugar 0.5% Salt 0.5%

Spicy Basil (fascinated you)

Whoever tried, you will fall in love the strong tasty. Giving the thumbs up to menu from the traditional Thai culinary, Maemalai adapted this recipe from traditional technique to contain the good aroma and tasty. That’s why Basil Recipe is the most popular for all visitors

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