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Mr. & Mrs. Black Sesame (200 gm)

Mr. & Mrs. Black Sesame (200 gm)

Mr. & Mrs.

  • 135.00 ฿

Country produced: India
  • Sesame seeds are full of high quality protein. Protein makes up 20 percent of the seed with 4.7 grams of protein per ounce.
  • Anti-ageing properties. sesame seeds are rich in vitamin B and iron, and most people who have a vitamin B or iron deficiency show symptoms like hair turning gray, hearing loss and memory loss, all of which are the indicators of ageing
  • For reducing blood pressure Sesame seeds are full of magnesium—a key nutrient known to help lower blood pressure
  • For healthy skin. The high zinc content helps produce collagen, giving skin more elasticity and helping repair damaged body tissues
  • Encourages Bone Health A handful of sesame seeds contains more calcium than a glass of milk. The high zinc content of sesame seeds also boost bone mineral density.
  • Prevents Cancer Sesame seeds contain anti-cancer compounds including phytic acid, magnesium and phytosterols. Sesame seeds have the highest phytosterol content of all seeds and nuts.

    How to consume:

    • Sprinkle these nutrient-rich seeds over your cereals, noodles or rice. You can also mix them with your yogurt or smoothie to give it that nutty 
    • Soak these sesame seeds overnight it aids in the absorption of calcium and minerals from the seeds, as well as reduces the effects of oxalic acid found in them that can prevent the absorption of nutrients

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