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Noah Gourmet 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, First Cold Press (2000 ml)

Noah Gourmet

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Country Produced : Turkey

Extra virgin olive oil – first cold press

The story of a good olive oil starts at the source, the olive tree, which has been highly-valued and respected from ancient times.

It likes a Mediterranean climate and can live hundreds of years.
The weather, the number of sun-hours and the quality of the soil all influence the growth and eventually the taste of the extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Oil is known as the youth elixir of Mediterranean people.

The people who are living in this have longer life expectancies and lower risks of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke with the help of organic olive oil.
Extra virgin olive oil is the subject of a standard established by the International Olive Oil Council.

It stipulates that oil must have a free acidity rate of less than <0.8% and meet specific organoleptic quality criteria.
This standard also indicates the exact temperature at which olive oil is to be produced.

Noah Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil, First cold press which has low acidity levels (0.55).


100% extract from Olive


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