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Phutawan Coco Mate Toothpaste (110gm)

Phutawan Coco Mate Toothpaste (110gm)


  • 190.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand

Coco Mate Toothpaste (110gm)

Valuable fatty acids eliminate bacteria that cause tooth decay and lead to bad breath.

* Added HAP, Vitamin C, Chlorophyll Complex  

* Organic coconut rich in lauric acid

New toothpaste blended with organic coconut oil rich in properties that 
clean the mouth and teeth and reduce the accumulation of plaque, tea and 
other stains.  Brush with this herbal blend that leaves teeth clean and healthy
and helps you to have good breath.

Directions : Apply paste to toothbrush and brush teeth and tongue in the 
morning and evening before bed as well as after meals if desired and rinse with
clean water.

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