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Phutawan Hand Cream Set (3 x 40gm)

Phutawan Hand Cream Set (3 x 40gm)


  • 450.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand

Phutawan Hand Cream Set (3 x 40gm)

1) Lemongrass Nourishing Hand Cream (40gm)

Lemongrass moisturing hand cream prevent the skin from bacteria accumulation Alcohol-free, gives rejuvenating fragrance, and arouses the energy to work. The rich cream helps to protect the skin from dryness, and soften your hands.

2) Golden Banana Nourishing Hand Cream (40gm)

To help repair and protect dry chapped hands.
Golden banana hand cream made from the golden banana which has a special gentle fragrance capable not only of giving vitality to your hands...but also to your mood. Smooth dryness and keeps hands supple and healthy.

3) Mulberry Hand Moisturizer (40gm)
Protect your skin from dryness. Ensure smooth hands all day long.
Mulberry Hand Cream Rich in minerals and vitamins and help nourish and 
while restoring moisture in your hand.
How to use:
Apply to palm on daily basis.

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