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Saika Rice Vinegar - Mango (6 bottles x 45ml)


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Country Produced: Thailand

EXPIRY DATE: 9 January 2019

"Saika" Rice Vinegar Drink - Made using high-quality organic red brown jasmine rice, fermented into vinegar, rich in amino acids, and finally blended with pure honey and juice.

History of Rice Vinegar
The history of vinegar goes back over 500 years and was consumed by the Egyptians and Romans before becoming popular in the 15 Century. Vinegar was introduced into Japan around 700 A.D. from China. The first written evidence of how to make vinegar dates back to Heian period. In Japanese history, samurai warriors drank vinegar as a health tonic believing it gave them power and strength.

Benefits of Rice Vinegar

  • Lowers Fat
  • Better Digestion
  • Reduces Fatigue

Mango helps refreshing memory and improving eyesight and excretion.

Mango Health Benefits

  • aid digestion
  • improve memory
  • improve vision

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