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Santénatur Duo Set Potato Children Cream Chest and Back (50ml) + Potato Skin Cream, Hand & Feet (50ml)

Santénatur Duo Set Potato Children Cream Chest and Back (50ml) + Potato Skin Cream, Hand & Feet (50ml)


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Country produced: Switzerland

Santénatur “Potato Children Cream” is very well tolerated

Potato Children Cream Cold Time - chest and back

Potato Children Cream contains with Potato Organic Juice and natural ingredients 100% but zero toxins. The cream instantly absorbs into skin and leaves behind only the comfort of perfectly soft, supple and smooth body. Rich in naturally active skin nourishing ingredients including the highest quality pure jojoba oil combined with Tea Tree oil, Thyme oil and other essential oils to help protect your baby's skin and restore lost moisture to leave skin smooth and supple all day. Of course, the lovely scent of fresh Lavender can help soothe and relax you.

Potato Children Cream is a soothing, warming and nurturing cream for your nose, throat and respiratory tract. Particularly adequate for chilly weather. Rub in balm 2 to 3 times daily on chest and back. Suitable for babies, children and adults.

Natural Potato Children Cream can also warm and cares during the cold time. The smooth cream is absorbed fast by the skin. The etheric oils support you through the cold and are made for all ages. You can use Natural Potato Children Cream in the chest and back area instead of the potato-to-use wrap.   No risk of scalding, quick and easy, hygienic and clean.

Additional, potato children cream help rash and irritation in babies with Steroid-Free. provides a comfort cooling sensation to relieve itchy and help to reduce black occur from mosquito bite as all in one item. Suitable also for babies and adults with sensitive skin. cares for and protects the delicate skin of the nappy area. Extracts of essential oil soothe irritation and comfort the skin from the very first use.

Potato Skin Cream - skin, hands and feet

Potato skin cream softens, moisturizes and nurtures your skin. Ideal for treating calloused and cracked skin on hands and feet. For daily skin care. Apply a thin layer of cream and rub in gently several times a day.

Dry skin, skin peeling skin, itchy skin, cracked skin, damaged skin Deep groove

Many people had experience these problems. With the way of life the skin is exposed to air pollution, sunlight, air conditioners, warm baths, and drink less water. These factors risk the wrinkles on dry skin caused by the skin lose moisture. Lack of water to fill the skin the primary skin restoration method is to protect the skin from pollution such as sun umbrella or wear a robe does not let the skin be affected by direct pollution.

Why organic potato juice?

What is the difference between conventional potatoes and organic potatoes? Organic potatoes do not use any chemicals or synthetic substances. All in the plantation and it grows naturally with natural nutrients. Use natural compost to grow. All components are pure, no toxins, carcinogens

Santénatur choose to bring organic potato juice to made Potato Cream Skin, Hands & Feet outstanding features of organic oatmeal. Rich in high vitamin C more than orange and banana 4 times and potassium minerals. Serve as antioxidant these substances may prevent or delay the damage of certain types of cells. According to the National Institute of Health Research. Effective in smoothing the skin, there are also many benefits that cannot be found in other vegetables or fruits. Providing outstanding nourishment, protection and hydration for dry, cracked, dry, cracked, cracked and irritated skin. Especially the skin, hands and feet are absorbed into the skin faster. Dry skin back to moisture. Helps skin smooth, smooth, healthy look, slow down the aging. This special extract is the base of emollients, which are moisturizing treatments applied directly to the skin that are often used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Potato juice is non-greasy and penetrates quickly into the skin.

Organic Potato Juice safe for sensitive skin and do not cause irritation. Valid for infants 6 months up and older, adults or seniors. We are committed to every detail to develop our products. From the nature of fruits and plant extracts blend out a high quality of cream.


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