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Urban Organic 100% Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (300ml)

Urban Organic

  • 315.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand

Organic Certification: EU, ACT

Living an ORGANIC lifestyle

“Urban Organic” 100% extra virgin coconut oil is extracted from finest coconut grown in fertile land in Tubsakae, Prachuabkirikhan. Through natural practice in an organic farm with world standard certificate and the state-of-art technology of centrifugal extracting process.

Nutrients in coconut oil are highly preserved, making it clear in color like pure water, while still having natural coconut aroma but not getting stale. Urban Organic virgin coconut oil is rich in Lauric acid, the same substance found in breast milk which can promote beauty and immune system, and also contains high vitamin E which helps moisturize skin and protect body against damaging free radicals.

Moreover, virgin coconut oil is the best of all botanical oils which is good at promoting good health and beauty.


100% Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut oil

How to use:

  • Take 1-2 tablespoons three times a day.
  • Mix into savory dishes and drinks
  • Rinse with extra virgin coconut oil
  • Apply onto the skin or hair as moisturizer, make-up remover, and hair nourishment

Product Size:  300 ML


  • Solid at temperature below 25C Without affecting product quality

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