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WNC 100% Pure Moringa Oil (30ml)


  • 390.00 ฿

Country Produced: Thailand

WNC Moringa oil benefits for Skin and Body

Works as Skin Moisturizer.

- Minimises Dark Spots and Scars.
- Helps clears Blackheads and Pimples.
- Has Antiseptic and Anti-inflammatory properties.
- Has Antifungal and Antioxidant Properties.
- Can be applied in Irritation, Burn, Cut, Rashes, swelling and itching.
- Has surplus of nutrients benefits that supports overall skin health.
- Helps maintain Stronger and Healthier Hair.
- Boosts Gum Health.

WNC Moringa oil benefits for hair

It is just as good for the hair as it is for the skin. WNC Moringa oil is a powerful hair conditioner. Massage with WNC Moringa Oil leaves the hair well moisturized, the hair roots are nourished, dandruff is washed out and there is much less irritation on the scalp. It adds shine or gloss to the hair, making them look beautiful. WNC Moringa oil also strengthens hair roots and as such can help with hair loss. It nourishes weak, damaged hair and reduces the lifelessness in them.

WNC Moringa oil other benefits

- WNC Moringa oil is a nice rheumatic oil. It can be applied to painful, arthritic joints.

- Massage the head with WNC moringa oil. It reduces irritability and sleeplessness.

- WNC Moringa Oil contains cytokines which helps promote cell growth.

- WNC Moringa oil is easily absorbed into the skin without feeling greasy, ensuring your skin receives the food that it needs to repair and sustain itself.

- WNC Moringa oil Is a natural healing emollient.

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