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Duru Bulgur Extra Coarse Bulgur (500gm)

Duru Bulgur

  • 114.00 ฿

Country produced: Turkey

* Produced from Durum wheat

Bulgur contains bran and the type of bran in cracked wheat is not soluble in water. This prevents the increase in blood sugar and blood fat by decreasing the sugar and fat absorption. It helps avoid problems such as constipation and large intestine cancer caused by immobility by accelerating the activities of the digestive system.

Bulgur is a precooked food product which is a healthier substitute to RICE, COUSCOUS and PASTA.

Like rice and pasta, it is cooked in the same way for around 15 min.

Bulgur is rich in soluble and insoluble fibers, B vitamins and has lower glysemic index. It contains B6 vitamin, potassium, fiber and folic acid. 

B6 Vitamin:-

  • Important to have it daily for better nervous system and hormonal balance in the body
  • The daily need is 2 mg, one plate of bulgur pilaf (25 gr uncooked bulgur) can supply 20% of the daily need.
  • Potassium carries the oxygen to the brain

  • Balances the water and mineral level in the body

  • Enables our cells receive the nutritions which shows that it is crucial for life

  • The food that has the most potassium is fish products, but bulgur cannot be under estimated.

  • One plate of bulgur pilaf (25 g uncooked bulgur) can supply 20% of the daily need.


  • Fiber is crucial for a strong digestive system
  • It enables the digestive system to work efficiently.

Folic Acid:-

  • Folic acid is a type of B vitamins
  • It is crucial for pregnant woman and their babies.


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