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GROW PLUS Plant Biostimulants (300ml)


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Country produced: Thailand

Grow plus is a concentrated Amino acid which is extracted nature in order to gain the particle of Amino acid, as Protein’s origin. Hence Amino acid is an important to plant’s growth and life’s strength. And with the especially Protein extracts innovation, it can extract more than 20 types of particle Amino acid which is the reactants of Hormones and Enzyme. Both are significant for Protein biosynthesis that is necessary for plants. The acid’s absorption will apply with the plants immediately and plants will grow up better than only applying the fertilization. So, it is an important for biological process. Amino acid not only can apply by foliar feeding but also with the soil to gain the abundant nutrients soil. The foliar feeding by Amino acid is like a shortcut fertilization which plants can synthesize to Protein immediately. 


1. To improve the soil. :

    Grow plus has the nutrients which can be inborn* new live in the soil such as blue-green algae, bacteria, fungus and protozoa in order to decompose the weed. Then, it absorbs the nutrients for the plant’s growth effectively but the plants do not mutate.

2. To stimulate the plant’s growth. :

    Grow plus can help photosynthesis of plants which is consists of Carbon dioxide, water and sunlight. Also, increasing chlorophyll which is an important substance.

3. To increase the immunity of diseases and insects. :

    Grow plus will make the strong plants, increase the immunity to prevent any disease or insects covering the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits. And it makes the plant fiber strength. Furthermore, it balances equilibrium of the environment with full of Oxygen which is the consistence to the diseases and insects cannot spread or breed.

4. To increase the fruits. :

    Grow plus will increase the growth rate of the seed, roots etc. more than 95%. If you apply cooperate with the other fertilizer, it will decrease the toxic of the roots and the roots will absorb the nutrients effectively*. Also increase the quality of fruits.

5. Increasing the root’s absorption for nutrients.:

    Grow plus helps decreasing dregs in the soil when the plants absorb water, the roots will gain the abundant nutrients. So, the plants will grow up continually.


6. To decrease the fertilizer and pesticide’s budget. :

    Grow plus consists of Nitrogen. So, it will stimulate the plant’s immune system and absorb the nutrients. The consequence is the plant can increase the quality of fruits and decreasing the budget of agriculturists due to less apply for fertilizer and pesticide.


How to Use / Consume: How to used.

1.You need to shake it before using.

2. Spray at distance of 10 cm. from plants.

3. Apply Morning / Evening (Not during sunny hours)

4. Recommendation to apply 2-3 times a week 

5. Can be used in conjunction with other fertilizer.



1. Do not inject in the afternoon or sunny time

2. To avoid injecting around the flower directly.


Ingredients / Recipe:  All ingredients used in organic agriculture.

1. Amino Acid which necessary for plant's growth for 20 types

2. Protein > 20 mg / 100 g

3. Nutrients N P K > 9%

4. Organic Matter / OM > 14 %


Grow plus gains the license of mark for standard of organic extracts and Grow plus is certified from CERES (Certification of Environmental Standards (GmbH) that is an organic product.

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