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Harmony Life Organic Enzyme Drink (720ml)

Harmony Life Organic Enzyme Drink (720ml)

Harmony Life

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Country Produced : Japan 

Harmony Life Organic Enzyme Drink

Enzyme Drink a Powerful,Raw-ingredient Life-generating Product
In the human body, there are enzymes which work in converting nutrition from daily food, turning it into muscles, organs, nerves, blood cells, etc, in order for our bodies and our lives to continue to exist. No matter how much good food we eat, unless there are enzymes in the body, the nutrition will not be absorbed,thus hin-dering good health. Enzymes are the key element in keeping the bodies of living things alive. Enzymes stimulate the overall body to function normally. There are different types of enzymes. For example, enzymes that destroy aging-causing free radicals, enzymes that help to speed up the metabolism process, accelerate the breakdown of sugar, fats or proteins in the body, as well as eliminating waste build up, etc. Enzymes play a very important role in keeping the body alive. Lack of enzymes in our body will result in the bodily functions being weakened. Thus, we experience inability to alleviate fatigue,poor blood circulation, constipation, body aches, dry skin, internal organ damage, diabetes, obesity, exhaustion, allergies, high blood pressure and cancer,etc. the end result being increased sickness and unhealthiness. All living things, from microbes, to animals, plants and fish, have enzymes in their bodies. But present day lifestyles and diets consist of vegetables that are full of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, processed food, instant food, food additives, etc, all of which do not contain enzymes. Therefore, lack of enzymes in the body has become the main cause of unhealthiness.

"Kiwami" Enzyme Drink is made from raw ingredients such as vegetables, fruits and Organic herbs (...all grown at Harmony Life Organic Farm). Therefore "Kiwami" Enzyme Drink is full of Polyphenols, Citric Acid and various kinds of vitamins and minerals which all work together to produce enzyme support and enzyme supplements for the body. When "Kiwami" Enzyme Drink is consumed daily, the contained nutrients work together to boost the digestive process and absorption of nutrition, improve metabolism, and help to enhance the functions of the body. We would like to be a part of helping you to become healthier, both in body and beauty.


Organic ; Green Papaya, Japanese Plums, Pineapples, Bananas, Carrots, Moroheiya Leaves(Jew' Mallow), Thai Spinach, Morning Glory, Coconut Sugar, Brown Sugars, Rec Rice, rown Rice, Turmeric, Noni, Galanga Ginger, Aloe Vera, Tomatoes, Mini Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Beach Mullberries, Lemon Grass, Longan Honey, Lingzhi,Kombu Seaweed, Limes, Lemons, Passion Fruit, Hibicus Roselle, Jam Tree Fruit, Mulberry Leaves, Guavas, Guava Leaves.

How to use Anti-Onidant Enzyme Drink

1.Anti-oxidant enzymes can be used for treatment and daily health recovery. During or after illness, take 30 ml mixed with water or warm water 1-2 times a day.
Note: Warm water should be lower than 60 C, before adding enzymes, as a higher temperature may impair enzyme function.

2.Enzymes can be used as seasoning for steamed or boiled foods and salad creams; they can help enhance taste and are also beneficial for health at the same time. Anti oxidant enzymes can also prolong food life. Sweetness derived from sugar is not good for health while sweetness from these enzymes has no effect on our body.

3.Anti-Oxidant enzymes, for dieting purposes, will facilitate enzymes function in detoxifying toxins and resideues in the body more effectively. Moreover,anti-oxidant enzymes for dieting purposes will boost body metabolism and enhance lipolysis;thus perfect for weight reduction

For dieting purposes,mix 30 ml of anti-oxidant enzymes with water or warm water 2-4 times a day. For positive results when dieting, anti-oxidant enzymes should be taken for not less than 3 consecutive days. For the first day you feel comfortable with the enzymes but after that it is recommended to take with small amounts of porridge or boiled rice. Eating a normal meal immediately after a fasting period can adversely bring about some dangers. Therefore, a one day fast should lbe followed by a one day light meal intake. Likewise, three days of fasting should then be folloed by tree days of light meals before returning to normal meals.
During such periods after fasting, it is best to avoid meat,fried fish,instant foods and dairy products. Instead, it is suggested to eat boiled *brown rice,* vegetables (steamed or boiled),fruits and seaweed,etc. <especially organic brown rice and vegetables.> In addition, a mixture of enzymes and *carrot juice, during fasting,(*organic carrot) can enhance results.

4. Concerning face and skin problems, Enzyme Drink may be applied directly to the skin and used as a facial mask. Fatigued skin will be rejuvenated and brought back to health. Apply Enzyme Drink to the face and leave for about 15 minutes then rinse with cool or warm water. (It is recommended to use soaps that are free from skin lightening agents; as such agents can easily cause rashes and allergic reaction.)

5. Enzymes can be mixed with water (approx.500 times diluted) and used when watering plants to help strengthen and promote healthy leaves and flower.

*Children under one and a half years should not be eaten.

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