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Jao Thong Granule Bio Organic Fertiliser (1kg)

Jao Thong

  • 95.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand

Granule Bio Organic Fertiliser

Brief Features and Benefits:-

Supply essential nutrients to plants to promote plant growth and boost fruit production . It is also to reduce soil compaction and acidity while decomposing manure and compost into absorptive nutrients. 

Recommended plants: corn, crops, fruit, trees, palm oil, rubber, vegetables, flower and lawn.


  • Always follow the instructions on the label that comes with organic fertiliser. 
  • Please weed off other grass or plants to prevent these other plants from absorbing the fertilisers
  • Fertiliser should be applied when the soil is still moist. Add a little water if need be
  • Organic fertilisers must be stored in sealed containers. Do not allow exposure to high temperature due to sun and rain.



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