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Panya Moringa Serum (30ml)


  • 500.00 ฿

Country Produced : Thailand

  • Anti Aging properties helps wrinkle reduction
  • Fight Acne and eczema
  • Vitamin A :Build up collagen
  • Vitamin E : Moisturizes deep level and tightening pores
  • Vitamin C : Reduce blemish, freckles and dark spot
  • Oil control and Long lasting make up
  • Good for treat Acne and eczema -Vitamin A :Build up collagen


**Moringa oil has Oleic Acidand will penetrate into inner skin and help expand blood vessels. It helps acne red marks and scars heal faster. And flavonoid compounds , anti-oxidant anti-aging, slow down the degeneration off skin cell.

How to Use

apply 1-2 drops of moringa oil to the face or 

affected skin area


Moringa Oil (Clod Pressed)

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