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Phutawan 100% Coconut Oil (500ml)

Phutawan 100% Coconut Oil (500ml)


  • 350.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand

Coconut Oil 100% - 300ml

Coconut oil is extracted from freshly pressed coconut milk chilled and separated by centrifugal force remains raw and organic retaining all of it beneficial properties, fragrance and taste.

Rich in lautic acid, it helps build immunity and coconut oil is full of medium chain fatty acids which digest differently and helps to quickly convert to energy and not stored in the body. It is ideal to apply as moisturiser or massage oil as it is pure and easily absorbed by the skin. Protects the skin from sun and pollution as well as moisture helps to prevent dryness, wrinkles and expression lines. Restores dryness and adds shine to hair as well.


  • To be taken 1-4 tablespoon before or during meal
  • Mix with 1 tea spoon with warm water
  • Can be used as ingredient for food & beverage or dessert
  • Oil pulling for 15-20 minutes
  • Can be used to apply on skin or hair

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