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Pipper Standard Bathroom Cleaner Orange Blossom Scent (500ml)

Pipper Standard

  • 189.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand 

Give your bathroom a sparkling, natural clean with PIPPER STANDARD Bathroom Cleaner. Power through soap scum and other buildup in showers, sinks and bathroom floors as well as toilets and other bathroom surfaces that need a deep clean by harnessing natural pineapple power. 

Natural derived from plants

  • Non-irritation certified
  • No harsh fumes, No toxins
  • Free of known allergens
  • Tough on soap scum & Stains
  • Effective on many bathroom surfaces
  • Pleasant scent from natural essential oil


  •         Fermented fruit fluid (solvent / cleaning agent)
  •         Deionized water (solvent)
  •         Sodium lauryl sulfate (plant-based)
  •         Sodium Citrate (builder)
  •         Sodium lauryl sulfate (plant-based)
  •         Citric acid (pH adjuster)      
  •         Hydrogenated castor oil (emulsifying)
  •         Essential oil (scent)
  •         Sodium Benzoate (Natural preservative)

User Guideline

  • Spray directly onto the bathroom surface. Leave for 5-10 mins then brush out as usual. rinse well with clean water.
  • Products have been clinically tested and are certified non-irritant.
  • Products are biodegradable and environmental-friendly.
  • Multiple patent applications pending under the global Patent Cooperation Treaty.
  • Bottles are made of recycled plastic.




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