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Puppy Potion Relax Spray (250ml)

Doggy Potion

  • 380.00 ฿

Country Produced : Thailand

Puppy Potion Relax Spray

A conditioning spray that combines 11 amino acids, biotin, and multivitamins that helps improve coat texture by making the coat soft and smooth and easy for brushing, and add volume and gloss without leaving oily residues.

It contains German chamomile or blue chamomile essential oil which has been used since ancient time and is highly regarded for its healing properties and as one of the gentlest of oils ideal for children, the elderly, dogs, and those with sensitive skins. The sweet herbaceous aroma is known to induce calmness and relaxation and will help make your dog feel calm and relaxed during grooming. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties that helps combat bacteria, fungus, and soothe flea bites and skin irritations. This spray will help make your dog feel relaxed, reduce body odour from bacteria build-up and will keep your dog’s coat fresh, healthy, and tangle-free between baths.

This product contains no soap, DEA, and is paraben and SLS/SLES free.
Safe for dogs over 6 weeks old.

100% Natural.

How to Use

Either spray directly on your dog’s coat or spray onto hand and run through his/her coat. Continue with a brush to complete the daily grooming ritual.

To reduce body odour from bacterial build-up, spray onto wet wipe or wet towel and wipe over the area including facial folds.

Can be used many times a day as part of daily grooming ritual and to keep your dog feeling fresh and relaxed.
Avoid spraying into the eyes. This product will not irritate the eyes and is safe if licked. Not intended for oral consumption.

This product is intended for DOGS ONLY.


purified water, sodium l-pyrrolidone carboxylate, sodium lactate, l-arginine, l-aspartic, l-pyrrolidone carboxylic acid, glycerine, l-alanine, l-serine, l-Valine, l-proline, l-threonine, l-isoleucine, l-histidine, l-phenylalanine, biotin, horse chestnut, omega 3&6, aloe vera, glucan, vitamin A, E, B5, german chamomile, & Phenoxyethanol

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