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Thaipure Virgin Coconut Oil Spray 100% (100ml)

Sun Advance

  • 110.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand
Thaipure has achieved the 1st NIA national award for producing Virgin Coconut Oil from fresh coconut milk using state-of-the-art configuration technology. Distinct from those other conventional technique, our proprietary innovative processes take only 5 minutes with chemical-free and no heat or fermentation is involved resulting in clear, precipitation free, mild good-odor premium quality of coconut oil.
Coconut Oil is far superior than other oils.
Thaipure 100% Coconut has been manufactured from proper harvesting of coconut grown on Thai pollutant free area ensuing a significant difference in the efficacy and quality of the oil extraction processes. Currently, coconut oil has been proved for its outstanding roles as an important functional diet. The health related benefits that can be gained from consuming this oil have been recognised.
Coconut oil comprised of a large amount of lauric acid, a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA), which is converted to monolaurin, a fatty acid derivative found only in mother's breast milk, once enter the body. The physiologically properties of monoluarin have been known anti-fungus, anti-virus, anti-bacteria, increasing good HDL-cholesterol, boost immunity, moisturising skin, cancer-protection and improvement, and anti oxidant effects. In addition, coconut oil may be a better alternative to hydrogenated vegetable oils which creates trans-fats once cooked with heat, but not coconut oil. At present, coconut oil has various applications in food, medicine and industry. 
Suitable to spray on hair to create the smooth, silky hair texture. 

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