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BigBee Thepprasit Organic Honey 100% Certified Wild Honey (600gm)

BigBee Thepprasit Organic Honey 100% Certified Wild Honey (600gm)


  • 850.00 ฿

Country produced: Thailand

This honey is from the native white snakeroot flora, vastly found in northern hills bordering Lao and burma, Thailand. It blooms in mid November to mid December.

Snakeroot is a medicinal herb for the hill tribe. The honey hence is called nam-peng sha-mun-pai (in Thai, medicinal honey). See our recommendation of usage.
Typically, this honey turn to deeper color faster than other local honey. It has rich sweet taste, stable texture and seldom crystalize.

  • Gastric secretions and smooth muscle contractions
  • Promote appetite and improve digestive organs
  • Promote arterial action, diaphoresis and diluresis.

What is organic honey?
Thailand organic honey standard require the siting of bee hives must be in an area free from chemical and other pollution within a radius of 3 kilometers, a farthest distance the bees can fly.  There are terms to govern the bees species and production process, all of which is to define the conception of a truly natural honey.

Recommendation of Usage:

  • For traditional therapy, this is the most common used honey to soak with banana slice for relief of constipation.  
  • Take this honey without mixing water directly, to relief stomach ulcer. 
  • For common usage please refer to recommendation in the part of mature honey



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