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Welcome to banh, Beauty And Natural Herbs, your quality source for handmade natural products.

banh (BAN-h) –Origin: Thai. To Bloom.

Banh began its journey in Nonthaburi, Thailand, as the brainchild of three siblings. With inspiration, hard work and intense research, Banh has created high quality luxury bath products for the home. We are dedicated to using the finest natural ingredients ​while maintaining accessibility.​ It is our passion to provide the best natural product to the nature lover in all of us.​

We are thrilled to serve​ customers all over the world, and are excited to be a part of the natural, eco-friendly wing of the beauty and health industry.​ We hope you enjoy our products as much as​ we enjoy making them!

We guarantee! If you are allergic to our banh soap, we will refund your money.

The Banh Team

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