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Rawganiq Himalayan Gourmet Pink Salt Crystal (200gm)


  • 180.00 ฿

Country Produced : Thailand

    Himalayan pink salt is not just a granular ingredient that sits on your dinner table. It is a food in itself and an essential element of cellular function and body energy. This salt contains over 84 minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron, so it offers far more than just improve the taste of your food. Salt in chemistry terms is known as Sodium. Every cell in our body requires sodium to create homeostasis, and numerous biological functions, from regulating blood sugar and bone density levels to respiratory and circulatory health, rely on its presence. As we are active during the day, we constantly emit sodium from our bodies through sweat, urine and digestive functions, and therefore need to replace it through our diet. However, for optimal health, we need to replace these lost salts with the most natural, organic form available. Regular table salt is a refined product and as such has been through several processes that have denatured its composition, therefore cannot replenish the sodium, trace minerals and electrolytes that we need to effectively function. Himalayan crystal salt is therefore your best choice to fulfill the replenishment function as it provides the required organic form of sodium plus in excess of 80 trace minerals all required by the body. It is completely natural, unbleached, non-toxic, hand washed and processed under strict food safety standards .

How to Use

- Substitute your refined table salt with the all-natural Himalayan salt in either fine or crystals
- Use as both or either a finishing or cooking salt.
- As a cooking salt, the fine grain Himalayan pink salt is preferred.
- Coarser crystals are great for seasoning foods.
- Saturate either fine or crystal salt in a glass to create the popular drink called Sole


100% Natural Himalayan pink salt

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