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Charms Difference Mask (2 sheets per pack)


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Country produced: Thailand

  • Bio cellulose mask; ready-to-use mask sheet to restore and moisturize your skin resulting in healthy skin. Very good for sensitive and dry skin allowing good application of your facial powder.
  • To strengthen skin cells and reduce sensitive skin problem

How CHARMS Difference Mask works :

  • 100% natural nano cellulose with no preservative
    Very fine purify natural fiber; size of 20 nanometers; with water retention in cells layer giving elasticity and moisture to your skin. To help originally reducing your skin problems
  • Promote complete skin exfoliation by protein digestion of enzyme leaving healthy skin
  • Bring all nutrition into your deep layer of your skin cells
  • Very good for dry and sensitive skins, good for the elderly whose sebum gland not functioning well and also good for T-Zone
    (Cells become healthy after being hydrated; reducing allergic problem and resulting in proper sebum function, leaving you no oily skin)
  • Soothe sun burns or weak skin from daily tensions
  • Facial mask is also essential to help boosting the efficiency of your other skin cares.

Direction for use: mask your face before or after routine facial cares, or during the day

TIPS : Different from others, you can use CHARMS difference mask any time to reduce sun burns, any time when you need to freshen your face, any time after activities in the sun

  • Mask before make up or before touch-up application
  • One sheet is good for 2 – 3 times use. CHARM masks are sterilized. Mask your face for 20 minutes and rinse with clean water and then keep in the package, your mask will be good for another 2 applications within the next 2 days.

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