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Mon Doi Luang Drip Coffee with Cinnamon (5 x 10g)

Mon Doi Luang

  • 150.00 ฿

Country Produced : Thailand

Mon Doi Luang Drip Coffee Cinnamon

Premium pre-ground organic coffee in a drip bag

How to use

Put a drip bag into a cup and pour water into a drip bag until the coffee is soaked


Organic Arabica Coffee 100%

Sense of Connection

Our farm is grown by the local lived in the mountain, Ban Mae Maeh, Chiang Mai. We strive to improve their quality of living and bring our customers closer to the nature. While citizenship is a birthright, we do have the choice of being contributing global citizens who revel in diversity and seek solutions to the challenges facing our planet or being passive ones who allow others to provide the answers for us.

Rich in Taste. Rich in Soul.

Coffee becomes a part of the modern day society. Not only the taste makes a coffee outstanding, but where it comes from and how it's made do make a difference. Our whole production process has been focusing on the people who farm, roast, and create the quality products. They are the heart and the force behind your cup of coffee. Giving back is our number one priority. Ban Mae Maeh is where our farm is. Deforestation in the village had been more and more problematic for the last decade. Villagers started cutting trees and sell woods to factories. With provided sense of awareness, our project helps the local to grow coffee along with other trees to recoup the damage and sustain their treasured way of living.

The name that represents the local spirit.

Mon Doi Luang Doi Luang, with an altitude of 1,694 m, is located in the northwesternmost mountain chains of the Phi Pan Nam Range. The sources of the Wang and the Lao River are in this mountainous area. It also has rugged rock formations and scenic waterfalls such as Namtok Pu Kaeng, Namtok Cham Pa Thong and Namtok Wang Kaew. The river runs from Doi Laung creating the rich-in-material source that feeds our coffee trees. This results in the highly rich taste of the beans and the unique taste of the coffee.


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